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Nigeria’s Economic Development – The Need for Industrialization.

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My Presentation on Channels TV…..May, 2021

Nigeria’s Economic Development – The Need for Industrialization.

Total Export 2019.

Singapore……………………..US$645.6 Billion

Population: 5.7 Million, Land-Size: 728.6

Note: Lekki Peninsula, Lagos, Nigeria is

Sub-Saharan Africa……..US$428.2 Billion

Countries: 46 Population: 1.1 Billion Land-Size: 23.85 million

Nigeria……………………………US$69.93 Billion

Population: 200.96 Million Land-Size: 923,768

There is a critical need to Industrialize, but a greater need to understand the strategies of your competitors and those trying to put you out of business. To understand the present state of the Nigerian Economy we must go to the past and understand the roles of the Industrial Revolutions, the roles played by the most industrialized nations and how they have used Innovations, Efficiency, and Globalization to create a massive competitive advantage and take over most economies and that of Nigeria.

To understand the decline of the Naira against the US Dollar you must understand the roles and strategies of the Industrial Revolutions, only 10 countries of the world accounted for 65% of the total global GDP of US$87.7 Trillion, they are the most industrialized countries. There is no country that has attained greatness without industrialization, all industrialized countries boast of military might.

To become rich you must create value, these nations create value through manufacturing, they invest heavily in the critical success factors of Industrialization, Nigeria must industrialize to strengthen the naira, but to do that we must understand the strategies of the Western World and the most industrialized nations and how they took over our economy without firing a single bullet.

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Author: Roman Oseghale

Roman Oseghale holds Masters degree in Architecture and a graduate of Executive MBA from the Telfer School of Management and Leadership, University of Ottawa, Canada, he is a Consultant and Business Intelligence Analyst and the CEO of IntelServe Inc. a Canadian Business Consulting Company. He is a passionate analyst and writer on Leadership and Economics, He is a strong advocate of Investing in Human Capital Development to drive Economic Growth and Sustainability.

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