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Did Donald Trump fool us all?


Playing the Clown to Divert Attention…………

From the book……48 Laws of Power: Law #21 “Play A Sucker to Catch A Sucker- Seem Dumber Than Your Mark”. Misdirection is one of the most valuable strategies for business, marketing, and even game. Play stupid!.

Truth be told…99% of the people never saw Trump as the so called “moron” and other names he was called before this election….Trump was seen as a brilliant businessman…. Though he has been a public figure most of his life, Trump never talk so stupidly in public like he did during the campaign….the name Trump was a Brand…and you don’t build a brand by being an “idiot” or a “moron”….or in other words…can a so called “moron” or an “idiot” build a USD$3.7 billion empire?….

Learning to divert people’s attention by looking stupid from your real intentions gives your victims an aura of confidence….confidence that makes them believe you can’t think smarter than you are acting.

Trump planned all the way to the end using another of the strategic law……while Hillary and her campaign team stopped and changed strategies to manage damage control……Trump didn’t care about the damage…in fact he escalated it….why?…..because that was the real strategy to blind the opposition…..he gave us all so much to talk about….his stupid acts, his immoral behaviors, the impossible things he said he will do.

While the media was constantly analyzing Hillary Clinton’s campaign strategies and mapping out the key States she will win….the media was analyzing Trumps stupidity, careless talk, and lack of experience!….he gave them a sense of superiority and this totally disarmed the suspension of his strategies.

Trump made Hillary Clinton and her campaign team feel smart…smarter than him….by doing this we all concentrated on his “Acts” rather than “Campaign Strategies” while he concentrated on Clinton’s campaign strategies. Looking back…….he was ridiculed and laughed at by Clinton and the Media after every debate, Clinton felt superior and boasted of experience!

Trump wore expensive saggy oversized suits….talked in a lousy manner….and we all concluded this can’t be the next US president!….but Trump reached out to the dissatisfied…those in the hinterlands, remote villages and rural America….those who felt left out…those who did not care how he talked or dressed…..those who had the geographical spread and coverage to give him electoral college votes rather than popular votes…..that was the strategy…..

When released an article on Nov. 10th, 2016 titled “Trumps data saw a different America…and they were right”.

Trump concentrated his efforts in those places to secure his electoral votes…….his data team had seen it….Hillary Clinton, the media and the whole of America concentrated their efforts on Trumps Character…..the very thing he wanted everyone to see….he completely diverted everyone’s attention from where the decision makers were. While he played the character of a nuisance in the city….he held on to the ideologies of people in rural America.

Having traveled 38 hrs driving through the hinterlands, villages, and rural America in July….I noticed all the houses had Trumps banners and posters….The Democrats failed to notice this because they felt Trump was so stupid….

Till the end Hillary Clinton and the democrats believed victory was theirs…..Trump challenged the fairness of the elections….making everyone believe he knows he will lose…..Hillary and the Democrats prepared for a victory speech at the Mighty and grandiose Jafits Center using the American map colored in blue as the stage, decorated with the best hands, and witnessed by thousands…

Trump on the other hand chose a medium size hotel with hundreds in attendance…… aura about the stage… exemplified one who was not sure of victory…..he never gave a hint about his strategies to the very end…..and to perfection!

The Chinese have a phrase…

“Masquerading as a Swine to kill the Tiger…..the hunter always has the last laugh…..masquerading as a swine works wonders on those who like the Tigers are arrogant and overconfident…….the easier they feel they can prey on you the easier you can turn the table on them”.

The man the media called “moron” and an “idiot” is today having the last laugh…..