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The Nigerian Economy, Poverty, and The Ease of Doing Business.

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______Why Nigeria Must Reduce Poverty to Attract Foreign Investors

Nigeria must invest in Human Capital Development if it must guarantee peace and security to attract Foreign Direct Investments which is the critical factor CEO’s of Foreign multinationals consider before investing in Emerging Economies. IntelServe Inc. CEO restates this on Channels TV.

With Increasing Poverty, and Extreme Poverty it is certain that crime and insecurity will increase and this will threaten investments into the country. Though the country may have moved up 24 points in the Ease of Doing Business from 169 in 2016 to 145 in 2017, Security still remains the critical factor in attracting foreign investors, Government must stem the flow of people into extreme poverty daily which currently stands at an average of 8,000 daily.

For Nigeria to attract Foreign Investors, the Government must guarantee peace and security, and to guarantee peace and security it must reduce poverty, to reduce poverty it must invest in Human Capital Development to create wealth. Poverty is a threat to Peace and Security.

Author: Roman Oseghale

Roman Oseghale holds Masters degree in Architecture and a graduate of Executive MBA from the Telfer School of Management and Leadership, University of Ottawa, Canada, he is a Consultant and Business Intelligence Analyst and the CEO of IntelServe Inc. a Canadian Business Consulting Company. He is a passionate analyst and writer on Leadership and Economics, He is a strong advocate of Investing in Human Capital Development to drive Economic Growth and Sustainability.

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